Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 - July: Exhibiting in Sisters

During the month of July we are exhibiting our "Urban PDX" collection at the Library in Sisters. The exhibit was part of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and will be up for the entire month of July.

Several of our members had the opportunity to talk to the many visitors of our exhibit during the Saturday of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  It was a pleasure to explain our inspiration, process (including struggles) and final products to our audience.  Thank you all for taking the time to walk all through town in the heat and for visiting us at the library!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

2017 - June: We have a theme and dimensions!

After a good day of discussion, we agreed on our next theme:  WEATHER.  The exact title will be announced later, but we each can start thinking about how we want to work out this new challenge.

How about Size and Orientation?  I think we came up with a brilliant solution that covers all our individual wishes and preferences:

Height will be 30"
Width can be anything that fits into a 30" to 40" range, with multiple panels permitted.
This allows for square work, landscape orientation and portrait orientation.  A very flexible set of guidelines to work with!

Off to work...

Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 - May: Successful exhibit and ... what's next?

During our May meeting we reminisced about our latest exhibit at The First United Methodist Church, "Reflection and Renewal."  It was a good show and very well attended.  We discussed and fine-tuned some of the logistics and started bouncing off ideas for our next project.

In addition to our yearly "big" project, we agreed to make new work for our "Extreme" collection ... stay tuned.

Lots of ideas were presented for our next body of work: from places to buildings, colors, other art work, geometry, much to do!  The discussion regarding size and orientation became very interesting and it looks like not two people agreed on this.  I am curious to see how we will work this one out!

At the next meeting in June, we will agree on theme of our next collection, and size and orientation of each piece.

Friday, April 28, 2017

2017- April: Exhibit and Opening Luncheon at the First United Methodist Church in Portland

Our new body of work, Reflection and Renewal, was unveiled today at the Quilt Luncheon with the United Methodist Women.  We were happy to share our vision, inspiration and process with an enthusiastic audience and enjoyed the perfectly designed Japanese Fusion Fare served by the ladies and gentlemen of the church.

Proceeds from this luncheon support the United Methodist Women's mission to improve the lives of women, children and youth in the US and programs in more than 58 countries.

Our MIX group is very proud to support this cause year after year.

Diane Losli-Britt, Kathy Blondell, Valri Chiappetta, Annette McFarlane,
Elaine Millar, Betty Daggett, Hilde Morin, Lynn Anderson

Friday, March 31, 2017

2017- March: "Reflection and Renewal" exhibit

We are pleased to announce our new exhibit "Reflection and Renewal" at the First United Methodist Church in Portland.  The opening luncheon will be on April 28 at noon, tickets are $20 and will be sold at the door or you can buy them by calling the church.  The exhibit will run through May 6th with two showings to the public:
April 29th from 1-3pm
May 6th from 1-3pm

Our work is inspired by scenes of the Japanese Garden in Portland.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2017 - February - New collection: "Reflection and Renewal"

We have been working on our latest projects inspired by the Portland Japanese Garden and decided to name this collection "Reflection and Renewal". During the February meeting, members showed-work-in-progress; let's take a peek:

Kathy's work in progress

Hilde's work in progress

Details of Annette's work

Saturday, February 18, 2017

January 2017 - Snowed in

We had an unusually cold, snowy and icy winter in Portland and had to cancel our January meeting.

From under the snow and ice, we wish you a Happy and Creative New Year 2017.