Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 2015 - busy summer

MIX members were busy over the summer - both working on fiber pieces and
traveling for new experiences and inspirations. We shared several works that
others had not seen previously and when asked, commented on design issues
that the artist wanted to discuss. The group can often help one of us get the
distance and perspective needed to find an elusive solution!

It was exciting to see a variety of styles, from completely abstract to somewhat
representational. There were aspects of one quilt that became three-
dimensional, as well as two bowls by the same artist with very different design
approaches. It was also fun to see a pink sky in one piece and yellow in another
- always good to shake things up a bit!

Having finalized the subject and size for next year’s joint show, we are all now
ready to begin the design process for these pieces. It will be good to tackle
something urban after our peaceful country sojourn with the theme of the Allison
Resort from last year.
New bowl by Melanie

New work by Valri

The Pearl by Valri

Shanghai by Betty

NOW by Betty