Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 - May: Successful exhibit and ... what's next?

During our May meeting we reminisced about our latest exhibit at The First United Methodist Church, "Reflection and Renewal."  It was a good show and very well attended.  We discussed and fine-tuned some of the logistics and started bouncing off ideas for our next project.

In addition to our yearly "big" project, we agreed to make new work for our "Extreme" collection ... stay tuned.

Lots of ideas were presented for our next body of work: from places to buildings, colors, other art work, geometry, much to do!  The discussion regarding size and orientation became very interesting and it looks like not two people agreed on this.  I am curious to see how we will work this one out!

At the next meeting in June, we will agree on theme of our next collection, and size and orientation of each piece.