Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 2015 - Starting to formalize ideas

After some show-and-tell, there was more in-depth discussion of next year’s project. A couple people have begun to formalize some ideas and are beginning to do sketches. We once again revisited the theme itself, asking if the pieces needed to show both “old” and “new”. Most seem to think we had broadened it by using the title “Urban Landscapes” so that this specific contrast is not necessary.

There was a reminder about the use of #2 lead pencil yellow in all pieces.

Melanie has been interested in Valerie Goodwin’s work, in particular her book Art Quilt Maps and is considering doing an aerial view of a section of the city, possibly the Pearl District. She talked about the use of crinoline as a backing right against the front base to give stability and a slightly stiffer surface.
Elaine would like to work with the bridges, possibly the St. John’s and the Tillicum Crossing to contrast old and new.
Kathy has been interested by building reflections in other building windows and to that end has taken a lot of photos which she shared with us.