Thursday, March 8, 2018

2018 - March - Ready for our WEATHER exhibit

In choosing this year’s theme, we made a list of possibilities.  When weather was suggested, it seemed at once innocuous and yet so broad and full of possibilities! 

Today it seems that the weather all over our globe is in the news more than ever.  The wild swings in climate, whatever their cause, give us continual headlines:  Flooding, Drought, Monster Storms, etc.  No part of our world has escaped these extremes and when these occurrences affect the food supply, results are of even more consequence, often in the “catastrophic” category.

In the end, instead of asking ourselves “What on earth will I do with this subject?”, it became, “How should I limit my portrayal to deliver the subject with the most punch?”  Living in the northwest brought many thoughts naturally to rain, some for drama and some for it’s soothing and sometimes playful aspect.  Others illustrated consequences of weather occurrences or pondered the often unknowable weather we all live with; even if we listen to the weather report every evening, we are still sometimes caught without our umbrellas!