Monday, August 12, 2019

2019 July & August - Decision Time

Visiting the Sisters Outdoor quilt show was in lieu of a July meet up. Many of us were able to participate in this, as always, very fun day. The weather was delightful and our Weather themed quilts were on display.

August was decision time for our next body of work. Many ideas were thrown out but the one that most of us were smitten with, was the idea of Text. Is that text messaging or the zip codes where I've  lived or Dear Diary or a graffiti under the Burnside bridge.

We were also interested in choosing one or more colors from a predetermined color palette. A piece of art in Betty's home that appealed to all was selected and the palette then pulled from this work. It was the intention of the group that one or more of these colors, left up to the individual artist, would be used in the new work.

The last decision was dimension. We discussed the unifying effect a similar size brings to the exhibit. Our tendency is to stay with the 40 x 30 dimensions we have used in the past.