Tuesday, August 2, 2016

June 2016 - Goodbye and Welcome

Melanie saddened us with news that she would be leaving the group. Personal commitments and the desire to spend her small amount of studio time on her series work were the reasons cited. She will be missed and so we decided to make her an honorary member.

We discussed and decided to keep the group at 8 for ease of meeting and decision making. We will approach Lynn Anderson to join us.

Ideas regarding our next theme continued to flow and we settled on something inspired by the Japanese Garden. This is not necessarily a Japanese quilt, merely inspiration from the garden. One possible theme derivative is the concept of renewal, since the garden is renewing itself. Another was reflection.

We will make two quilts: one will be a 24" square, the other will be 10”x24” that could be hung
next to the larger piece, either on the side or top or bottom. The orientation of these two pieces does not have to be uniform within the group. Each artist will plan this as it fits with her interpretation of the theme. Both pieces will be mounted on canvas.

We continue to fine tune details of our upcoming show at the Chessman gallery in Lincoln City...stay tuned.

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