Friday, April 28, 2017

2017- April: Exhibit and Opening Luncheon at the First United Methodist Church in Portland

Our new body of work, Reflection and Renewal, was unveiled today at the Quilt Luncheon with the United Methodist Women.  We were happy to share our vision, inspiration and process with an enthusiastic audience and enjoyed the perfectly designed Japanese Fusion Fare served by the ladies and gentlemen of the church.

Proceeds from this luncheon support the United Methodist Women's mission to improve the lives of women, children and youth in the US and programs in more than 58 countries.

Our MIX group is very proud to support this cause year after year.

Diane Losli-Britt, Kathy Blondell, Valri Chiappetta, Annette McFarlane,
Elaine Millar, Betty Daggett, Hilde Morin, Lynn Anderson

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