Saturday, September 23, 2017

2017 Meet and Share

As always we gather to share ideas and work. September was no different. Betty and Diane shared information about classes they had attended. Betty had taken a Rosalie Dace class and Diane a Freddy Moran class. They showed work from the time spent with these instructors.

A theme that resonates with all of us seems to be visiting work that had begun some time in the past. Valerie showed two quilts that began with beautiful pieces of cloth left from other projects. The colors are magnificent and extensive quilting has been added.

Diane has worked on some quilt blocks, Dresden plates, that she bought from Ebay. She trimmed the blocks to squares and put together with a modern slant. She is pondering what to do in the centers of each and of course, we gave another 15 ideas to consider.

Elaine is also working through a stack of unfinished projects. The yellow piece required assemblage and quilting which is now finished. YEAH! She added extensive stenciling to a color blocked piece and is now working through the stitching. The third is an experiment on texture, a combination of stitch and layering of paint.

Hilde shared a piece that started from a photo of a quilt she has made. Using filters in Photoshop to reduce it to a line drawing, she then added silk organza for color and stitched over all.

We hope you have enjoyed visiting and of course comments are always welcome.

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  1. Beautiful work as always! Love all the projects that are in progress and complete!