Sunday, August 19, 2018

2018 August - Textile Tantrums with Ailie Snow

Two full days with New Zealand visiting textile artist Ailie Snow, what a treat!  We ripped, burned, distorted and hand stitched collages and leaves.  Learned some kiwi expressions and also learned to listen as our group tends to be on the lively side.  All 8 MIX members attended and Melanie who recently moved to Idaho joined us too.

Sometimes pictures speak more than text ... here are some:

Focused and listening to Ailie's (left) introduction of her work and process. 

Two samples of Ailie's work.  The bottom piece is first treated with Potassium Permanganate and then stitched till ... finished.

Our turn!  Burning and distorting polyester.

Looks like we are cooking ... sprinkling Potassium Permanganate on our silk samples.

Making a little collage with our burnt and distorted fabrics.  This is Valri's.




The second day started outside with a very stern lecture on safety procedures when using the soldering iron or wood burning tool.  We listened!

Ailie's demo on how to burn your beautiful work.

Ailie's sample leafs ... that's what we are aiming for.

Our work!

And here we are with Ailie in front of Lee Fowler's quilt.  Thank you Ailie for a wonderful workshop and a fun time!

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