Monday, September 16, 2019

2019 September - Full Steam Ahead

September was a chance to review the decisions of our new body of work.

The color pallet was revisited and the decision to include one common color was decided. And the winner....was lime green. It could be just a smidgen or the whole enchilada. Each artist gets to choose. All other colors are also welcome.

We also decided to go bigger. the dimensions would grow by 10 inches to 40 x 40 inches. Each artists can use this space as they wish with one or more pieces but the height of each piece must be 40 inches.

On to shared work.

Betty showed some table runners that she has been working on.  She used some vibrant solids on one side that are picked up in the Guatemalan fabric she used on the back.  Her hand stitching matched beautifully with the native fabrics. She also had a long runner of a series of houses that had strong black lines on the roofs of the houses. This line made with a sharpie marker really popped the piece.

Valri showed some books she has made, some with commercial fabrics and one with a hand-dyed fabric. They are truly lovely and she offered to teach a workshop for us. 

Elaine showed painted canvas works that she has been doing.  She uses acrylic paint on flat canvas. This is a multi layered process beginning with a wash of pant and texturing with varying found objects. Then over painting until she get s the look she wants. And, finally adding a layer of  shapes that then become the focal point.

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